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Operation America Cares​​

How We Began

 Operation America Cares was born when two sisters, Roberta and Linda, living in the San Diego area, discovered that there were troops serving far from home in Iraq and Afghanistan who were receiving no mail or care packages from home.  This was not acceptable to us and we decided to get involved. We were able to obtain an address to use for our first shipment from a friend who was deployed.  Our goal is to show our service men and women deployed away from home and far from the flag, that we love them, support them, and appreciate the sacrifices they are making for all of us. Although we do not have any family members currently serving in the military, our father is a veteran, retired from the Air Force, so being “Air Force Brats” we were raised with a patriotic pride and appreciation for this great Country and what it stands for. We started out sending 35 care packages for Christmas of 2008. We asked our friends and family to donate the items or money to purchase items for the packages.  We have compiled a list of items needed based on feedback and specific requests we have received from the troops who have received our packages. We continually change and update it to keep it current based on the season of the year and the location of the troops.  Sometimes they are in places where it is difficult to obtain even the basic necessities.  Our military makes every effort to provide the necessities, however, it is essential that food, water, and munitions are a priority and get safely to the outlying areas. It is not always possible to get toiletries, and certainly not luxury items like snacks and magazines to them regularly.  We use the US Postal Service ($16.75 per box fixed rate) to mail our care packages. The military makes every effort to deliver mail to the deployed troops, and our boxes consistently make it into forward operating areas and into the hands of the troops that need them most! Since that first shipment in 2008, we have sent over 18,000 care packages to our troops! 

​Linda & Roberta